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Sledding on Mt. Felix


Last weekend, we had a really big snow. I usually grumble when it snows because I hate to shovel snow…especially on a cold winter day! But March snow is different. It usually warms up the next day after snowing making it fun for the kids to play outside without freezing to death.

Our house has a small slope on the side, so the kids decided to go sledding on the side of the house. Unfortunately, it’s a short slope and the kids couldn’t really get a good run in. So…we decided to build a snow ramp at the top of our driveway! I have to say, it was a genius idea.

Jackson was our test pilot and helped us get our ramp just right for a fast, smooth ride.




And Benjamin wasn’t far behind.



I thought Lily would be content watching, but she wanted part of the action too. She was so happy when we brought out the toddler sled and sat her in it.



Big Daddy didn’t attempt a ride, but he was helpful giving the kids a good push.


We all had so much fun, but it didn’t last more than a day. With the intense sun and warm weather, our ramp was all gone the next day. I think the kids are wishing for one more BIG snow before spring starts!



4 thoughts on “Sledding on Mt. Felix

  1. Well Uncle Clinton should have been there. I would have had to make the ramp bigger….longer and much more exciting….right out of the circle drive. Looking forward to seeing you and spoiling my Great Niece and Nephews till can’t stand it. If Big Daddy is coming tell him to bring his gun and well will shoot.

  2. I love Mount Felix. Next time invite your friends over so you can build a bigger mountain. Then set it up so Jackson can charge admission to help pay for his education.

  3. Every one of these is picture perfect! Beautiful smiles as big as Mt. Felix!

  4. Looks like they all had lots of fun. Love it

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